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MPL Maintenance Personnel


Maintenance Personnel Licensing


Our module for licensing of maintenance personnel manages the requirements to acquire the different types of licences and to print them. The very distinctive feature of our system is to check the requirements in the background and to guide the user through the process of issueing a licence. Our module takes care of the complete live-cycle of the persons and stores all relevant information (courses, practical experiences, medical fitness, licenses etc.). Of course we keep all details of changes (who, when, what, ...)


Highlights are i.E.:

  • Multi licences per person - shown in hierarchical tree
  • Complete access to customer management module (EMPIC® CM)
  • Extensive definition of background data (meta data) like all possible theoretical examinations, licences, categories, ratings, limitations and their respective detailed data
  • Definition of condition trees for different type of licences. Various acquisition types (initial, conversion, renewal, etc.) may have their own condition trees.
  • Entry of relevant data like: all accomplished theoretical examinations, licences, categories, ratings, limitations and licence printouts per person
  • Automatic collection of billing relevant information in the background
  • Detailed history of all data base changes
  • Automatic updates of "products" at customer management (EMPIC® CM)
  • Many pre-defined queries and reports
  • Interface to online examination software


The end-user can define international rules (like EASA Part-66) and/or national regulations within our software module.


Update April 07

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