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TC Type Certification


Type Certification, Airworthiness Directives and Environment Certificates


The user can manage hierarchical and grouped sets of aircrafts within this module. He can manage data for pollution and noise, store airworthiness directives with links to prior and later versions and keep the complete history of all activities. The system issues the necessary documentation and reports in paper form or exports the data to other systems.

This module is the basis for the register (EMPIC® AR).


Some Highlights:

  • Hierarchical tree for cell, turbine, propeller
  • Grouping of aircrafts (series, ratings, etc.), in a hierarchical tree as well
  • Option to use synonyms
  • Validation of type certificates
  • Management of STCs (supplement type certificates)
  • Management of ADs (airworthiness directives)
  • Subscription management for messages to internal and external parties due to changes of data
  • Version management of airworthiness directives
  • Management of producers and TC holders
  • Variable management for noise and pollution parameters with calculation of deducted values with a formula interpreter
  • Management of environment certificates
  • Complex search criteria
  • History function for all relevant data
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