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AR Aircraft Register


Aircraft Registration


The user can register an aircraft for a specific country and use the existing type certificate with the environment certificates. Furthermore the user manages the serial numbers, the scope of operation, owner and holder. The module creates the complete board papers (i.e. airworthiness certificate) and prints them as well. The system manages the complete "life-cycle" of the aircraft; from reservation and registration to closing or deletion respectively.


Some Highlights:

  • Link to type certificates and environment certificates (in EMPIC® TC)
  • Planning of inspections including check point lists and statistics
  • Management of inspectors and inspection cycles
  • Management of accidents
  • Issuing of all board papers, incl. airworthiness certificate
  • Detailed tracking of history as well as board papers
  • Complex search criteria
  • Configurable workflows
  • Collection of billing relevant data and issueing of invoices
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Serial letters in combination with MS-Word
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